Physical Therapy

At Positive Motion Physical Therapy, every injury is unique to each person and is addressed as such.  A full body assessment is completed with every injury.  Your movement will be assessed and specific exercises & stretches will be prescribed.  In addition, the appropriate modality will be utilized to help get you on the road to healing and achieve your goals.  You will also be educated on the kinetic chain of the body and how to prevent further injuries. Our physical therapist is known for his exceptional listening skills and efficacy.  He will work with you to establish your goals and prepare the best recovery plan for you.  Come on in, we’re here to listen!

Do you have nagging, ongoing injuries that constantly reoccur or an injury that “doesn’t respond to physical therapy?”  The problem could be a misdiagnosis or a secondary issue that is not as apparent.  By looking at the full kinetic chain, the physical therapist at Positive Motion will help identify problems that may not appear to be directly related to your injury, but are related.  Don’t be surprised if you’re doing hip stretches to address an ankle injury!

Vestibular Balance, Proprioceptive Balance and Falling:

Vestibular and Proprioceptive Balance:  In addition to musculo-skeletal balance, vestibular and proprioceptive balance are important factors to consider for us to safely move around our environment, especially with the older population (age 65+).  If you or a loved on are limiting activity because of fear of falling or a past fall, it can be addressed by physical therapy.  Education along with specific activities and exercises are used to help restore balance which increases safety and makes life more enjoyable.  The physical therapist at Positive Motion enjoys helping people of all ages maximize their independence by strengthening vestibular and proprioceptive balance.