Video Running Gait Analysis


There are three main reasons people choose to have a Video Running Gait Analysis:

1)  Injury:  Whether you run for fitness or enjoy racing every weekend, running injuries are one of the most frustrating things to deal with when they slow you down, make running painful or prevent you from running all together.  A video running gait analysis at Positive Motion will help identify the biomechanical imbalances that may have caused your injury.  In the case of an injury being treated byphysical therapy, the cost will be covered by your health insurance.

2)  Improving Efficiency:  A video running gait analysis can help runners improve their running efficiency by identifying biomechanical imbalances that, with strengthening, could help a runner get stronger, prevent injuries and improve their performance.  Improving running efficiency will help each individual achieve their specific goal, whether it’s helping running feel more comfortable, preventing injuries or setting a new personal record in a specific race distance.

3)  New To Running:  A running gait analysis can help people who don't currently run discover their passion for running and set them on the path to running without injury.

During a running gait analysis, a person is videoed running on a treadmill from multiple angles.  The video is then played back on specific computer software that slows the video, can take specific measurements and allow us to see small movements that are otherwise difficult to see.

After problem areas (flexibility, muscle imbalances, weakness) have been identified the next step is to correct them.  You will be guided through a series of specific exercises that address your needs.  You will practice them under the watchful eye of the physical therapist then head home with some work to do on your own.  The outcome depends on your dedication to the exercises.  Some people request a follow up visit after a few weeks to check on their progress.